Trained In

Elements covered in training and practical experience of teaching since include:

  • Pilates for all levels
  • Scoliosis and other spinal conditions
  • Injury and sports rehabilitation and prevention
  • Pre and post natal Pilates
  • Pilates and chronic pain
  • Pilates and men
  • Pilates and the over 60s including Pilates for those with osteoporosis
  • Pilates and low back pain
  • Pilates as part of a post surgery rehab programme (such as a hysterectomy)


I found Holly’s instruction to be intuitive to my individual needs. She is a keen observer and offers advice that helps you achieve the exact results you’re after. Her understanding of the principles of pilates come across in every instruction she gives. Originally I was quite daunted at the thought of doing pilates but Holly broke it down into simple terms and under her guidance I could immediately feel the difference.

Annemarie Penderis

I was introduced to Pilates through classes at a gym I was a member of and enjoyed them. However, the classes Holly provides completely surpassed my expectations; her attention to individuals in the class including myself is very reassuring and it is very helpful to be advised and corrected, as I get much more out of the class than ones I've been too in the past, physically and mentally in terms of managing physical tension and stress. I also enjoy the variation of exercises and the alternative options provided so I can challenge my body according to how I am feeling

Kelly Wright

I am very happy with the class and I trust Holly’s judgement as to how far she takes me beyond my comfort zone!   I am sure my core strength has improved and I know that my flexibility and balance certainly have


Holly is a very highly skilled Pilates practitioner. I receive treatment from Holly, carefully tailored to my requirements on a regular basis; and I have benefited tremendously in terms of overall fitness and a general sense of well-being. Working with Holly is also great fun

Ray Coker

I have been having private lessons with Holly for almost a year, and have found her approach really suits me and my particular issues. I have a slight scoliosis, and Holly has tailored her tuition to address my needs and improve my flexibility. I haven’t missed a class in all the time I have been seeing Holly, which I think speaks for itself. Holly is a complete professional, and an inspirational Pilates teacher. She is very patient and encouraging, and I enjoy my class with her. I always leave feeling taller.


As someone who had done little or no formal exercise previously I have found the class to be wonderfully releasing.  I have been pleased not to have been pushed more than I felt was manageable yet have still found the exercise sufficiently challenging.  Proper attention has been made to my existing back condition, which has made me feel quite secure.

Sandra Parker

I find your classes most enjoyable, in fact I would like to do two a week!

Janice Tagg

The classes are very enjoyable and the location is an added bonus, as it is green and peaceful. I always recommend the class to friends.

Jacqueline Beteinber - Zeto

Holly is very adept in showing equal amounts of support to each individual without taking time away from teaching the class. She is a very calming and approachable person and always challenges us to achieve our very best.

Mary-Ann Wulff

registered exercise professional pilates foundation