General benefits

  • Improved muscle tone and a streamlined appearance
  • Improved posture and co-ordination
  • A balanced, optimally functioning muscle system
  • Increased spinal mobility and health
  • A stronger core and increased flexibility
  • Safe and effective rehabilitation
  • Improved coordination, posture and balance
  • Giving you back some ‘me’ time – take some time out to reconnect with your body and mind

What are you looking for from your Pilates practice today?

Pilates is a complete exercise system, which since its conception by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century has continuously evolved to include the latest medical and biometric thinking to answer the differing aims and needs of individuals. As well as being an effective method of toning, strengthening and conditioning your body Pilates is also one of the safest forms of exercise available, and is often recommended by GP’s, osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Pilates is ultimately versatile and this is incorporated into our teaching at Synergy Pilates – we will work with you to meet your goals and tailor our teaching to fit your level of fitness and specific needs.

To get sweaty

Why not try one of our Dynamic Flow Pilates classes?  Labelled by those who have attended them ‘Sweaty Pilates’ these 45 minute lunchtime classes offer continual fast paced Pilates, exploring the classical exercises with a focus on abdominal and upper body strength, flowing transitions and quick pace.  Ideal for anyone who has been put off Pilates because they think it is too gentle or easy – these classes are tough!   Due to the nature of these classes they are not suitable for anyone with serious injuries or medical conditions such as slipped discs, arthritis, osteoporosis or those who can’t load their wrists.

Try: Dynamic flow Lunchtime Pilates on a Monday at 12:30pm

Individual attention

For the ultimate in personalised Pilates book in for 1:1 sessions on either the reformer or the mat.  This is the optimum way to explore Pilates, whether you are looking to tone up, recover from injury or just have some focused ‘me’ time.  Our teachers will design a programme to suit your needs and goals so that you get the most out of each session.

Try: 1:1 Reformer or 1:1 Matwork

A group class designed for me and my friends

Synergy Pilates offers ‘closed classes’ – a bespoke, affordable service where we create and run a class especially for a group of friends or colleagues.  You choose the day and time you would like your class to be every week and set the start and end date of the term (ideal for those who are restricted by lengthy holidays).  This service is available for groups of four to seven and costs £10 per session per person payable termly.

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To go back to basics

Whether you are starting Pilates for the first time or just want to reacquaint yourself with the fundamentals our beginner matwork classes are for you.  With an emphasis on posture, core stability and breathing these gentle classes are also ideal if you suffer from low back pain.

Try: Beginners Pilates on Tuesday at 11am
Try: Beginners Pilates on Wednesday at 7pm

To be pushed

If you’ve tried Pilates before and want to deepen your understanding of the movements or are physically fit and are after a class that will tone and stretch you in an effective way look no further.  These classes facilitate efficient whole body movement whilst targeting the core to help give you the leaner silhouette that Pilates is famous for.

Try: Pilates on the Ball on Monday at 6:30pm
Try: Intermediate Pilates on Wednesday at 8:10pm

Pilates for when I’m pregnant

Our antenatal classes are taught by specialist, experienced teachers in small groups of no more than eight to ensure each participant gets individual attention.  The focus on pelvic floor, breathing, mobility, gentle toning and stretching is ideal for pregnancy and can help to prevent and alleviate some of the common associated problems such as low back pain.  This class is suitable for pregnant women from 12 weeks.

Try: Antenatal Pilates on Saturday at 9:30am

Pilates for Rehab

Due to its low impact nature and focus on alignment and core strength GP’s, physiotherapists and chiropractors often recommend Pilates as part of a rehab programme for a wide variety of conditions.   From low back pain to shoulder complaints the targeted and functional nature of Pilates can help you get back on your feet and back to optimum health and fitness.  It is also ideal for managing symptoms associated with long-term conditions such as scoliosis.

Try: 1:1 Reformer or Matwork sessions

To stop getting injured when I play sport

Are you a keen runner?  Do you aim to spend most of your time out and about playing a sport?  And do you find yourself constantly being set back by injuries?  If so then Pilates could be what you have been looking for.  Pilates has long been acknowledged as a cross-training tool by elite sportspeople such as Tiger Woods, Venus Williams, the All Blacks Rugby Team and the England Cricket team as it helps to balance out muscles and improves core stability and strength which can help you to get more out of your training and sport.

Try: Pilates for Sport on Tuesday at 7:30pm