why choose us

Small focused classes

Group classes are limited to a maximum of ten to ensure that each member receives the optimum level of attention

Tailored to your goals and body

Private classes start with a discussion of what you would like to get out of your lessons

Fees & terms


Private Sessions

1:1 £50
2:1 £57 (mat only)

Private sessions can be mat, reformer or a mixture of the two depending on your individual requirements and the specialism of the teacher you are working with. If you would specifically like mat or reformer 1:1 sessions please make this clear at the time of booking.

All private sessions are one hour except for the initial class which is 75 mins to allow us to discuss your aims with you, to analyse your posture and the impact it may have on designing a program on you and to complete a registration and medical form.  Homework programmes are supplied free of charge via email to those who want to continue their work at home – for those choosing reformer sessions exercises will be supplied which can be done without the equipment but will still help your work when you able to use the reformer in the studio sessions.  Please note we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy for private sessions – to see our full terms please click here.


Group Reformer Sessions

Our reformer classes are limited to a maximum of three clients per class to ensure maximum benefit with a personalised approach and plenty of hands on tuition. Each client has their own Stott reformer for use throughout the session.

Classes are paid for per term at £24 per class.

Autumn term

Six week term (Mondays only): £144

Seven week term: £168

Terms run broadly in accordance with school holidays

Spaces are very limited so booking is essential.


Group Matwork Sessions

Standard block rate: £72 for six classes which can be taken up to over seven class weeks.

Reduced over 60s class rate: £66 for six classes which can be taken up to over seven class weeks.  This only applies to stated shorter length lunchtime sessions and over 60s specific classes.  If you are over 60 and do not wish to attend an over 60s class then that is fine but you will need to pay the full class rate.

Drop in rate: £12 – please note drop-ins are only allowed the first time you try a class out, after that if you choose to continue then we ask that you commit to a block.

Closed’ classes: £11 per person available for groups of four to seven.  These classes will be held at a time and day that suits your group and will take the format that you choose.  As a group you can choose what dates you would like a term to be (ideal if you are a group of mothers whose children all go to similar schools) and then pay for the term up-front.

We aim to be flexible in business as well as in body!

We understand that committed as we hope you are to your Pilates practice things do come up which mean sometimes you can’t make class.  That’s why we offer an extremely flexible block system for our matwork classes.  Blocks can be started at any point in the term (our classes are continually evolving to reflect the class participants so we don’t run rigid fixed term courses) and the six classes can be taken up to over seven class weeks.  That means if you have to miss one then you can without it counting as part of your block.

Please click here to view our terms.