Trained In

Elements covered in training and practical experience of teaching since include:

  • Pilates for all levels
  • Scoliosis and other spinal conditions
  • Injury and sports rehabilitation and prevention
  • Pre and post natal Pilates
  • Pilates and chronic pain
  • Pilates and men
  • Pilates and the over 60s including Pilates for those with osteoporosis
  • Pilates and low back pain
  • Pilates as part of a post surgery rehab programme (such as a hysterectomy)

About Synergy Pilates

All the teachers are from one of the main Pilates specific teacher training bodies – The Pilates Foundation, Stott Pilates, Body Control Pilates, Polestar Pilates or BASI. Synergy Pilates believes that comprehensive, specialist training is at the core of all exceptional Pilates professionals and the aforementioned bodies are all world renowned training organisations.  Becoming a certified teacher with any of them requires commitment, time and understanding – trainees must complete in-depth and lengthy training and examination procedures prior to qualifying along with amassing many hours of practical experience and anatomical and physiological theory.  This means the Synergy Pilates team can adapt their teaching to suit the needs of group classes or individuals and to work with rehab clients or fitness fanatics with equal success.  For our teachers Pilates really is a vocation and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you in our practice. 

Founded by Holly Nuttall in 2009 Synergy Pilates is run on the belief that a tailored approach will allow each individual to fulfil their potential and gain maximum satisfaction from Pilates.  Since expanding into the studio Holly has brought together a team of highly trained, talented Pilates teachers to fulfil the teaching needs of the studios clientele. 

The Pilates Foundation

pilates foundation

The Pilates Foundation is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting the highest standard in Pilates teaching through its rigorous and in-depth teacher training.  Founded over 15 years ago it has a reputation for turning out creative, knowledgeable teachers who are adept at teaching a broad range of clients with safety, skill and precision.

Stott Pilates

Stott Pilates offers high calibre Pilates teacher training worldwide as well as producing exceptional quality Pilates equipment.  The Stott Pilates approach combines contemporary exercise science principles with the original Pilates method and is one of the most respected and recognised names in professional Pilates teaching and manufacture.

Body Control Pilates

Body Control is Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation and its thorough courses produce safe and effective teachers of the highest quality.   Its mission is to make the benefits of Pilates accessible to everyone and it is renowned as a world leading education provider for Pilates training.